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How to Find A Safe Hoverboard Battery?

The question that a normal hoverboard buyer have in mind is 'How do I make sure that I have a good quality battery?'. This part of the hoverboard is something that we do not see pretty easily because it is inside the body of the self-balancing scooter. We can't ask the seller to open the hoverboard to see if the battery is a branded battery or a substandard. We will just on what the seller will tell us. Actually, it is easy to figure out if the battery of the hoverboard is good quality and not a substandard battery. Of course, we have to check for the UL certified logo on the base of your self-balancing scooter and on the charger. When you open the hoverboard, you will not see a traditional battery because hoverboards are using battery cell. Those safe battery cells are branded like LG and Samsung cell batteries. UL certified cell batteries prevent the hoverboard from exploding or catching fire. Take AlienBoard hoverboard as an example, the UL logo should be at the bottom of the BatWings hoverboard and it should be holographic as there are counterfeit UL logos out there to deceive customers. If there is no holographic UL logo at the bottom of the board it means that you have to turn your back on that as it is not safe.

Also, aside from the UL certified logo you must also check for the price as the hint if the hoverboard battery is really safe and the hoverboard is in good quality because the cost of the battery especially those branded batteries are pricey. If you see a hoverboard that is under $200 you must doubt the quality of the hoverboard considering the fact that the battery cost, motor and other parts are expensive.