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Hoverboard Safety Tips

Before deciding to buy a hoverboard it is important to think that this popular gadget can also be risky especially to those first time owners. Even before getting yourself onto this two-wheel motorized smart balance board, rider's safety should be the first priority. 

Buying Safety Tips

Consider buying hoverboards to reputable sellers. We will recommend AlienBoard. Make sure that the hoverboard you are planning to buy is a UL certified hoverboads specifically those smart balance boards that have passed and certified under UL 2272. When a hoverboard is a UL 2272 certified it means that the product passed the UL safety requirements for electrical systems. This certification will give the user a peace of mind because it will cut out the chance if getting the board explode or catch fire. Not only the hoverboard that should be UL certified, buyers should also look for UL certified chargers and batteries of hoverboards.

Riding Safety Tips

Here are some of the safety tips before and while riding a hoverboard:

1. Always wear protective gears like helmet, wrist guards, knee pads and elbow pads.

2. Start on beginner's mode or start slowly especially for first time users. Make it to a point that someone is watching or holding you while getting used to riding on it.

3. Ideally, use the hoverboard on a smooth and even surfaces. Riding the hoverboard to very rough and uneven surface will eventually cause the hoverboard to stop abruptly and may cause the rider to fall.

4. Avoid using the hoverboard on a high way, near vehicular or pedestrian traffic.